Saturday, April 17, 2010

As I look up...

Let me start this entry with a question: how long has it been since you've taken the time to look up towards the night sky?

Do it now. If it's night where you are, go outside, go to a window and take a few minutes to just look up to the stars (obviously, this works best in a clear sky setting). And, if possible, do it while listening to the following music:

For the past few months I've been thinking about space. It has always been a passion of mine. I look up to the stars and I can't stop myself from imagining what it must be like to discover the secrets of the Universe like we see on Star Trek.

And this really itches my head from the inside... we, as a species, have always prospered with discovery, with our wish to go towards new horizons, new challenges. And yet, kids nowadays only realistically look forward getting a new smartphone... or better internet access. They don't really care about anything other what provides an immediate and, ultimately, futile pleasure.

But truth be told, they ARE just kids. Kids need idols, icons that they can look up to. And in spite of the awesome work that astronauts do... let's face it, it's not enough. And even that isn't the astronauts fault, I believe they do what they can. It's the damn mentality that the human race has adopted of profit > all!!

Right now, I feel myself on a crossroad. It's scary because you don't really know which path to take. But at the same time it's exciting to realize that you have more options. The ending of 3 and a half years of relationship prompted some priority shifting in my life. Maybe I'll be thankful in a few months... right now, it's chaotic in here.

*raises glass* here's to choices, may they always be the right ones.

*puts above song on repeat and goes back to contemplate the stars*

I'll see you around! ;)

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Eu Mesma! said...

Som e imagens fantasticas!