Monday, February 01, 2010


So last week I took the decision (again) to quit WoW. And, safe for any last minute massive life-changing event or news, it will be permanent.

I've played this game since mid-2005. I went from being a low level, incredible noob warrior in WoW Classic, passing by being an average-playing one to being a hardcore, dedicated, top dps in the best guild that Grim Batol had at the time (IMO, so don't come flaming me for not being a Balance fanboy!) during TBC. As I got a job as a consultant, it pretty much cut down drastically on the time I could devote to playing. I left EX, went the casual way.

Tried being casual twice. In Cartel and in Sanctum Nocturnos. I've met a lot of decent people and also some, rather annoying ones. I met up with people with whom I used to play a long time ago. I had some good times... and also some pretty nasty ones.

Bottomline is: I thrive on competition. I need it in order to give my best. When I got the chance to join EX, I really needed to pull my A-game to show I was worthy of staying there. And my effort pulled off, in the most awesome first kill I ever had, Kil'jaeden (the nerd screams still echo in my ears).

With that as a baseline, it's easy to understand why I simply can't satisfy myself with being casual. If I cannot face up against someone that is clearly a challenge for me, I don't evolve and I stagnate, I lose focus and will. Therefore, I took the opportunity to quit.

My first reaction was to turn "full-time" to EVE or even Star Trek: Online (which I beta tested for an online magazine), but that's just starting the cycle all over again. I'm not quitting videogames, I'm just (finally) taking a more healthy approach to them. I will still report on them (probably EVE), just not as often... I hope!

If all goes well, I will probably start using this blog to also show some concept "art" for my ideas, which I plan on begin development.

And this is the song to which I'm going to have brainstorm sessions to:

I'll see you around! ;)

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