Monday, January 25, 2010

Abandon ship!!

So, last night I logged into WoW after a few days and I noticed that the Free Migration away from Grim Batol was open. Later on I found out that a few guilds had already moved away, including my old guild EX.

Now, GB has been a server that has given us quite a few headaches as of late. It's incredibly full and it's not unusual to get home at 7pm and only being able to login at 8:30pm because there's a 700++ queue up. Besides that, on big patch day, it's also very usual to get 15 minute wait periods while doing instances, because everyone is doing them. Also, Dalaran changed its name to Lagaran.

And lo and behold, Dalaran was actually enjoyable last night, after a lot of people moved away. It reminded me a bit of when I migrated to GB from Burning Blade, when we migrated in a hurry because the server became empty in 24 hours (very old technical problems with that server).

I'm wondering if I'll migrate or not... I'm quite considering changing my rogue to the Horde, but if I do so or simply migrate, that's one less character to help me with my saronite farm.

Meh, we'll see... only got until tomorrow to make up my mind though... I wonder if the GB Horde is also migrating a lot.

I'll see you around! ;)

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