Thursday, November 05, 2009

Star Trek Online

Ok, this just goes to show how much out-of-the-scene I've been since I started playing World of Warcraft. Truth is I completely missed any and all information in regards to this upcoming game. I mean, I had heard rumors, but that's just it.

I quickly browsed to one of the teasers on youtube:

Now, for me this is pure eye candy and a gigantic tease. Especially considering that I'm a total space nut and everything that makes me remotely believe for a split second that I'm in space is just... pure gold.

Thing is, quite a few questions started popping up inside my head in regards to gameplay. What exactly are we going to do in this game? And, to be perfectly honest, what I read up on was a total disappointment.

From what I read, you're going to take control of a single ship, of which you are the captain. Period. You don't get to earn it, you don't get to go up on ranks. As soon as you create your character, boom, you're captain. This right here is a major turn-off for me. Why can't we go with the experience of actually graduating from Starfleet (or whatever equivalent non-Federation races have) in a specific field and then having to make the name for yourself, get your own crew (that's another point down the road) and having to work together to get your placement in a ship. Basically, have the ships themselves work as mini-guilds.

The crew element is a joke for me. From what I read, it's all gonna be AI. ALL of it. Why, in a MMORPG, are we totally dependent on NPC characters to generate environment? Of course you NEED NPCs, I'm not saying otherwise. But, for me, a huuuuge component of what makes Star Trek... well, Star Trek, is the inner workings and society aboard a ship, not the actual space around it. That's just background, it's the setting on which you tell your story.

And the space itself is a big issue for me. As I was reading, it felt a lot like EVE currently is. And if I want EVE, I'll stick to my current subscription. To be fair, there isn't a lot of ground on which to work on... most ideas have already been used some time in the past. But that's just another reason why the focus of this game might have been better placed in the inner workings of the ship.

I don't know... maybe (probably) I'm being too ambitious on what I expected such a game to be. But ever since I played Star Trek: Bridge Commander, I've been hungry for an experience that allows me to cut off the AI and replace them with real people.

I'll pay attention to further developments, but so far I've seen little reason to actually try the game. Maybe I'm wrong... but, right now, I doubt it. :P

I'll see you around! ;)


Shiro said...

Hmm yes its true you play as a Captain, but the progression is in the ships. You start with a smaller ship I believe, and as you 'level' you get more addons, bigger ships etc.

Kiauze said...

I understand that, but wouldn't you rather have a system that would reinforce the whole concept in the series, that the whole crew is what makes up the ship, not just its captain?

Shiro said...

Yeah I do wish each player plays a part of a crew of a ship. But they thought it would be boring for someone to just take care of flying or just take care of shooting. When beamed down on planets though, supposedly you can team up with other captains (instead of your own crew). Would like to see how that plays out

Kiauze said...

Indeed, that's the one thing that spiked my interest in regards to away teams!

Maybe the reports from the beta will be positive!